Welcome to the McOrigins Trial-Moderator Application Format! :)

Here at McOrigins we are constantly looking for new people who can provide the best experience to our players. If you are someone who enjoys helping people, we encourage you to apply for Trial-Moderator. :)

For starters, what exactly is a Trial-Moderator? Essentially, a Trial-Moderator is a Moderator in training. Trial-Moderators undergo a 4 week trial period before being promoted to Moderator. This rank contains less permissions than the normal Moderator rank. The job of Trial-Moderators consists of answering questions of players and punishing rule-breakers.

The application isn't the only thing we look at when promoting new Trial-Moderators.
What we look for when promoting people:
  • High/consistent server activity
  • Little/no past punishments (Minor/old punishments are okay)
  • Maturity
  • Active on more than just 1 server
  • Effort and detail put into your application

Things you can be denied for:
  • Low/non-consistent server activity
  • Lots of severe punishments
  • Immaturity/Toxicity
  • Asking staff to look at your application
  • Not following the format
  • Not meeting the forum requirements
  • You put little effort into your application
  • Copying applications from other sites/forums/people
  • Posting more than one application within 30 days

If your application is declined:

  • PM the Staff Managers Shird or tae and ask what things you can improve on for your next application.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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  • If your application is declined, you have to wait 30 days to post another one. If you apply again before 30 days have passed, you will be instantly denied and forced to wait another 30 days or longer.

    • Once you meet all the requirements and want to post your application, go here and click 'New Thread', then paste the format in and answer all the questions. When you are finished, hit post thread, and you have applied for Trial-Moderator :)

      If you have any issues, concerns, or need clarification on any parts of this thread, feel free to PM Shird or tae.

      Good luck to all applicants! :)