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Server IP

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Just for clarifications everyone, the server IP is:

Maybe we should add this to the front page of the server site so everyone esp. newcomers will know. Let me know what you think of the idea by answering the poll.
Good idea
113 votes
Bad idea
9 votes
Number of voters: 122
Posted Jan 8, 13 · OP
I'd have to say that's a good idea. Just seeing the shoutbox automatically put me to say good idea <.<
Posted Jan 8, 13
Yeah, just look at all dem newbies asking about the IP. :/
Posted Jan 8, 13
Yeah, sure, I'll add that!
Posted Jan 8, 13
It's added, thanks bartoke!
Posted Jan 12, 13
Ok, thanks!
Posted Jan 15, 13
definitely good :)
Posted Jan 21, 13
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